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Welcome toSt David’s Children Society,

Where every child with an adoption plan is
found a forever family.

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In these past two years, 85 children were placed for adoption with St. David’s approved families. Could you consider adopting a child? We invite you to join us, as we consider placement possibilities for the many children whose only wish is to be part of a loving family.


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On 8th November 2012, Wales’ longest-serving adoption agency, St David’s Children Society, was awarded as one of top four adoption services in the UK by the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF).

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We provide an exceptionally high level of support at every stage of the adoption process, including lifelong adoption support. 97% of our adoption placements are successful.

St David’s Children Society

St. David’s provides locally based adoption services across all of Wales and Herefordshire and will consider applications from enquirers who live on the borders of these regions. We provide adoption services of the highest quality as is evidenced in our latest CSSIW inspection report. Our commitment is to support the adopted child and family for life.

St David’s Children Society is approved as an adoption agency by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate: Registration No: W010000822. As a registered charity, all of our work is entirely charitable and non-profit making.

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Print St. David’s Children Society: part of the National Adoption Service.

Adopt in Herefordshire and Wales with St David’s

  • In 2012, BAAF awarded us as one of the top three adoption agencies in the UK.
  • In the past two financial years, 1 in every 7 Welsh children placed for adoption, was placed with a St. David's approved adoptive family. (St David’s is one of 24 agencies providing adoption placement services across Wales).
  • In our last 100 adoption placements we had a breakdown rate of 3%. This is one of the lowest breakdown rate of any adoption agency in the UK - 97% of our adoption placements are successful.
  • We offer an exceptionally high level of ongoing support to all placements as is evidenced by our partnership with Adoption UK and the low levels of placement breakdown.
  • 95% of our adopters are approved within 8 months of their first response to St. David's adoption agency.
  • 90% of our adopters have children placed with them within 12 months of their point of first contact.
  • Our very recent CSSIW inspection report reflected an outstanding service.
  • Established in 1942, St. David’s is the longest serving adoption agency in Wales and has placed over 2,000 Welsh children for adoption.
  • If you would like a high quality, supportive adoption service, contact us now

Latest Tweets

Latest Tweets
  • Do we have any adopters who are also keen cyclists? If so, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Are there any adopters out there who are keen cyclists? If so, we would love you to get in touch with us. #adoption #cycling

  • Have you spotted our new advertisement in Hereford? Come rain or shine they'll be out and about