Support Our Work


Support our work

St David’s Children Society would wish to thank all those who have continually support us in our work over the years in so many different ways. With your help in these past sixty years, we have placed nearly 2,000 children for adoption. We invite you to join us, whatever your circumstances, as we consider placement possibilities for the 4,000 children in England and Wales who are waiting to be part of a loving family.

You can continue to help by:

Consider adopting:

Have you ever thought of making an application to adopt but are uncertain how to start or question whether it is right for you and your family? Please feel free to contact us and we will attempt to assist you with your thinking:

  • Promoting our adoption services through community groups, your local library or health centre.
  • By making sure we have your up to date address for our records.

Why we need voluntary donations:

  • To provide services for individuals and families who may be considering adoption.
  • To assist us in costly recruitment campaigns to find new adoptive parents for the 4,000 children in England and Wales awaiting adoption.
  • To provide counselling support for adopted adults who wish to know more of their original birth family.
  • To assist us in the development of new services.

You can support us financially by

  • Singular or regular monthly donations
  • Making the Society’s children your heirs by way of a legacy/will.

Through Gift aided donations:

The government has simplified the tax-free giving. If you are in employment and tax paying the Society can reclaim the tax on a donation of any size. In effect this means that every £10:00 gift aided provides us with an additional £1.28 after we reclaim the tax at no extra cost to you.

Matched Giving:

Ask if your employer’s charitable trust will make a donation to our charity.

Donate your knowledge

Donate your knowledge, skills or experience! You may have a specialism that can boost our organisation.

Promote an event:

Organise a fun fundraising or sponsored event such as a works or school dress-down day, a paying-guest dinner party, golfing tournament or perhaps sponsorship for your local 5 mile run.