Types of children placed for adoption:

The children available for adoption come in single placements, in two’s, three’s and even four’s. We are always pleased to welcome enquiries from families who know what it’s like to have brothers and sisters and have room in their lives for two, three or more!!

The number of children waiting for adoptive families at this time are fewer than in recent years and generally the families who are most successful in achieving a family through adoption are those who can offer a loving home to single children over the age of 4/5 years of age, children who have brothers and sisters whom they need to be placed with, or children who have more complex needs, including a disability.

This agency is currently best able to meet the needs of adopters who are prepared to adopt the children described above. We have many families who have adopted a child over the age of 5 years and who wonder why they didn’t consider children of this age from the outset.

These are challenging times in adoption, but we can offer a lot of support, throughout the adoption journey and you will have the encouragement from other adopters who have already done it. Looking at slightly older children may help you achieve a family for life, and you can get on with living, rather than waiting and hoping!

Amy with Boarder

Amy, aged 4. In the first three years of her young life Amy experienced significant neglect and ill-treatment. Understandably, she became withdrawn and distressed. Amy is beginning to blossom into a fun-filled, confident, sociable child. While Amy is developing normally, she remains apprehensive about her future.

Amy is the eldest of three children. Her two younger siblings have been placed separately for adoption. This has been a major loss to Amy. Amy’s new family have assured Amy that they will stay in contact with her adopted brother and sister by meeting with them and their adoptive parents twice a year.


Mollie, aged 3, had some initial developmental delay. Mollie needed a lot of help and encouragement to meet her milestones. One year after placement, she is talking, walking, eating well, generally thriving and enjoying nursery.

She has a special place in her new family who understand that some aspects of her future development remains uncertain. For the first time in her young life Mollie is beginning to catch up with her peers.

Thomas with Boarder

Thomas aged 7, who has joined his new mummy after having lived with 3 different families. Two weeks after moving in, he was busy running around the house shouting, “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!”

It is still early days in the placement. Thomas still gets worried about changes and seeks out reassurances from Mum that he is there to stay. His future is secure.


Nora with boarder


Ellie and Nora, aged 6 and 4, needed a family where they could still see their birth mother and a younger sibling, twice a year. Their adoptive mum and dad were initially apprehensive about this contact, however they have supported the children in this and have been amazed at how beneficial it has been for them.Ellie and Nora have already adapted to their new lifestyle.



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“The children featured are representative of those placed for adoption.”