Typical adoptive families

Who are our adoptive families? They are people like you!!!

Our adopters like their children, come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. Here are some examples:

Bob and Kate adoptive family
Go for it, adoption really works!


Married and in their early 40’s. They were a childless couple who never thought they would become parents. They had given up on planning their lives around children when they saw an advert for adopters and decided to bite the bullet. They made their first phone call to this agency in September 2009, and were seen within 2 weeks. They attended the 3 day preparation training course in October, were approved in May 2010 and by August , Bob and Kate were being introduced to their children aged 4 and 2 yrs of age.

After 10 days of introductions, Samuel and Martin, moved in and they have never looked back. The boys had experienced lots of moves, never been sure whether they would be fed and both had some health needs, as well as fears about bedtime and the dark.

Lots of support from the social workers and a big investment from Bob and Kate, meant that the boys made progress in leaps and bounds are now happy in school, used to good routines and settled permanently in their new families.

My life has totally changed and for the better. Adopting an older child is hard work and good fun, but most of all and it’s great to see Melanie making such good progress.


Aged 42 yrs, of Afro Caribbean and white Welsh origin, is a single lady living in 2 bedroomed house. Maria lived in a very diverse area that had lots of activities for children and her work allowed her to be at home in the school holidays. Maria did not want to parent a baby as she was used to older children and knew that for children over the age of 5 yrs, it was harder to find them a forever family. Maria attended the 3 day training with her mother who was going to be her main support in the care of a child.

After going through the assessment process and being approved Maria waited 5 months before 5 yr old Melanie was identified as a good match. Melanie had been in foster care for over 2 years and had some help to enable her to understand why she needed to be cared for outside of her birth family. Melanie’s mother had learning difficulties and Melanie needed some support in school too.

Melanie has settled well, but it is early days and Melanie and Maria are just getting to know each other.

MIKE and CHRISTIAN adoptive parents
Give a child a break and the chance of family life.


Aged late 20’s and early 30’s, are in a civil partnership and wanting to be a family. Both had travelled extensively. Mike’s work had given him a lot of experience with children and Christian was from a big family himself so they thought they knew what they were talking on. Both had wanted to parent one child as they thought this was a better fit with their working lives, lifestyle and accommodation. They really benefited from the training course and learnt so much about being a parent! Within 18 months, Mike and Christian had James aged 4 yrs placed with them.

James needed to keep in touch with his older brothers and sisters and Mike and Christian knew this was the right thing for him so they now have a relationship with a wider family of 3 other children and see for James, the real benefits of keeping in touch. James was a nervous withdrawn child and with his family’s support he is now an active outgoing 5 yr old, who loves football and swimming.

If you are thinking about expanding your family think about adoption. It is so easy to love children like Sonja.


They came to adoption because they knew that there a lot of children who needed a family and they felt after having one child themselves it was time to reach out a helping hand to others. Jasper their son was 8 yrs old and a confident and happy boy with a good group of friends. He was involved in the assessment process, talked to his parents about adoption and got used to the idea of another child joining their family as long as it wasn’t a girl !! Tom and Evie were delighted to be approved as adopters and within three months had welcomed 4 yr old Sonja into the family. Sonja had lived with her foster carers for nearly 2 yrs and found it hard at first to understand what was happening in her life. With a lot of support and encouragement, Tom, Evie and Jasper welcomed her into their lives and another year on, Sonja and her brother share a deep bond.

Sonja had some ongoing health needs and eczema but these don’t stop her from joining in the rough and tumble that’s part of family life and Jasper has a new role as the big brother .

Give a child a break and the chance of family life.


(47 & 51 years of age) adopted Tom, 8 years old. Tom was considered a ‘hard to place’ child simply because he had spent all of his life in either a residential home or foster care. Because of his lack of attachment and understandable anger, Tom was considered to be un-adoptable. With the commitment of Lynn & Martin, Tom has managed to reclaim his childhood, happiness and confidence. In speaking about his feelings Tom said, “I feel alive.” While it has not been easy for Lynn & Martin, they have found the experience of parenting Tom richly rewarding and ‘wouldn’t be without him now.’

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