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As we enter the summer holiday period I wanted to let you all know what is happening at St.David’s. Following latest Welsh Government advice, we continue to work from home when we can. As we cannot guarantee that social distancing guidelines can be adhered to, we are unable at the present time to open the … Continue reading “A Message from Wendy – Jul 2021”

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Watch our adopters talk about their own adoption journeys

We have recently been uploading some new videos on Facebook, Twitter and our YouTube Channel following the stories of three sets of adopters from the time they were first considering adoption to when they first met their children and the support they receive afterwards.  If you missed these videos, they can be seen on our … Continue reading “Adopter Stories”

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Adoption UK are conducting two surveys for this year’s Adoption Barometer report, which will explore the experiences of adoptive families in 2020. Both surveys will close at midnight on 28 February 2021. The Adoption Barometer main survey for prospective adopters and adoptive parents with children aged 0-25 is live here: The Adoption Barometer survey … Continue reading “Adoption UK Barometer Report 2021”

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How the Adoption Process works

Adoption is a legal process whereby you and your partner, assume the parenting of another person, be it a baby, toddler, youngster or teenager, from that persons legal or biological parents and as such it permanently transfers all responsibilities and rights from them, to you. It is intended to affect a permanent change in status.

Prospective adopters are welcomed from all walks of life, with different life experiences. The main priority is to provide homes for children which are loving, safe and stable. It is regardless of your marital status, whether you are gay, straight, trans, bisexual, a homeowner or lives in rented accommodation. It is also regardless of your nationality, age and religion. If you can offer a loving and stable home environment to a child, you will be eligible to apply.

If you are interested in adopting you could start your search with us. You will be invited to attend a preparation course, over a period of three days, to get to know more about the adoption process. When you start your home study, you will be allocated a social worker, who will visit your home, assess your living arrangements and obviously ask you a lot of questions, such as finances, health and relationships. They will also want to spend time with your family, the social services will regularly be in contact with you throughout the process but there is no need to worry as the purpose of this is to put together a report which will go to the adoption panel.

How Long Does Adoption Take?

It can take up to six months before you go to the adoption panel. The panel consists of a wide range of people such as adopters, social workers and other field experts. You will be asked further questions, based upon the report drawn up by your social worker. If all goes well and you are approved then it is basically a waiting game until a child is matched to you. You will be contacted now and again but nothing can move on until the right match is found.

When a match is found it is vitally important that you are 100% sure. You must use the information you receive about the child, to make the best decisions for you and your family. If you have any questions and or doubts, speak to your social worker and be honest about any concerns. If a potential profile is not what you had envisaged you must say no, and that is OK.

Meeting the Family for the First Time

When your child comes home, as with every other new parent, things can feel quite overwhelming. This is normal and a natural adjustment to your new home life will slowly take place. It will take time for all immediate family members to adjust to the new family arrangements with adopted children.

It is advised that for the first few weeks you keep the child from meeting any other people; you should allow them plenty of time to bond with you adjust to their new surroundings, it is vitally important that they feel totally safe and secure in those early introductory weeks. Introduce your family and friends gradually over a period of time.

Lifelong support is given to your family throughout the whole adoption process from before you adopt a child to post-adoption support.

Adoption Wales

Why adopt with St David’s Children Society?

If you are looking to adopt a child in Wales then St. David’s Children Society should be your first point of contact. We have helped place nearly 2000 children for adoption and cover all areas of Wales. We are members of the National Adoption Service and work with many voluntary and other adoption agencies across Wales.

Interested in adopting? Contact us today for more information.

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