News - A Message from Wendy – Autumn 2022

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As we enter the Autumn and leave the halcyon days of summer behind I wanted to wish all of you, at whatever stage of your adoption journey you are on, a positive time ahead


For some of you that will the start of the new school term and new beginnings for children either commencing school for the first time or returning for a new school year. For some it may involve preparations being made for school or university.  Whatever stage they are at it can be a daunting time for both yourselves and your children. Don’t forget we are here to help and support you if you need us or come to one of our support group meet ups – sometimes talking things through with others experiencing or have experienced similar concerns can be really helpful. Please watch out for more information about support groups on our closed Facebook page.



We are now doing most of our assessments face to face with some virtual sessions if that works for everyone. Using technology can be particularly helpful if families live some distance from their assessing social worker or we are arranging sessions later in the evening. We will work with you to ensure that whether face to face, mostly virtual or a combination of both, that the process is completed in a timely way.

We know the period between being approved and your child being placed with you can be stressful, so we are deeply committed to supporting and keeping in contact with you throughout this time via social work visits, training events or support groups.


For those thinking about adoption there are children still waiting for a family in Wales– this is particularly true for children over 4 or part of a larger sibling group. We want to keep brothers and sisters together as the maintenance of that sibling bond is critical for lifelong wellbeing. Children with additional health needs can also wait a long time for a family. To hear more about the adoption process and the needs of children waiting, in the first instance contact us at or phone 02920 667007 and you can speak to one of our duty workers.


I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming months – We have even started to plan our annual Christmas party so watch out for that and our annual newsletter which is published towards the latter end of this year. On behalf of all the staff and Trustees at St.David’s we send our warmest wishes to you all.

Author: Dan Warner 13.09.2022

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