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What happens if I sign up to Adopting Together and then change my mind?

Changing your mind about Adopting Together does not impact on your choice to adopt. Your social worker will continue your assessment to adopt as they would if you had not signed up to Adopting Together. They will work with you to explore your next steps and ensure they you feel confident in moving forward.

If I express an interest in a specific child, is that match guaranteed?

If you have initially contacted St David’s Children Society through specific child recruitment with a child in mind, you will enter the adoption assessment process as normal. Your social worker may explore some issues relating to that child or children in more detail then they would normally, but there is no guarantee you will be matched with that child. There are procedures and processes within the adoption assessment that must be followed, and you will need to be approved by a panel to adopt. For this reason we cannot provide any guarantees. We will however discuss openly with you any concerns or issues and be realistic with you at all times around expectations. At times we will also discuss other children with you; this is to make sure you are aware of other children looking for a family and so you don’t feel pressurised that you can only proceed with one child in mind.

What is a clinical psychologist?

A clinical psychologist is someone who works with people (adults and children) to support them with a range of mental and physical health problems, including depression, anxiety, learning difficulties and relationship issues. Their role in Adopting Together is finding out as much about the child as possible to help understand their experiences, behaviours and ways in which they may approach relationships. In doing so, they can inform how the potential adopter can seek to understand the child and approach parenting in the best way to meet the child’s needs.

How do I express an interest in Adopting Together?

If you are interested in adopting through Adopting Together please contact St David’s Children Society If you are already being assessed by either St David’s Children Society or Barnardo’s and are interested in adopting through Adopting Together, please speak to your assessing social worker and they will discuss the next steps. Any discussion does not commit you to signing up to the project. At all times you will be able to continue with the traditional adoption process if that is your choice.

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