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Adopting Together

Adopting Together is a collaborative project supported by the National Adoption Service, in partnership with the statutory sector and delivered by the Voluntary Adoption Agencies in Wales. The project has emerged from a common and clearly defined purpose: securing permanence for children who have waited for a significant length of time for a family. These children in Wales are traditionally but not exclusively children over 4, BME children, part of a sibling group or have additional complex needs or uncertainty regarding their development.

The Adopting Together model brings together theoretical knowledge and best practice models that have been developed across the UK into one distinct model which incorporates child-specific recruitment; clinical psychologist led Team for the Child meeting; effective therapeutic transitions from foster carer to adopter that support the main carer–child relationship and post-placement clinical psychology consultation meetings.

The model has been developed through our partnerships with statutory, voluntary, academic (Cardiff University) and therapeutic partners (The Family Place – Hay on Wye).

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