“A delightful and loveable little boy with his own unique personality”

This is Kyle


Kyle has lots of energy and enjoys playing indoors and outside.  He has no fear and will climb and jump without hesitation so his carer needs to be vigilant.  Kyle enjoys playing with puzzles and playdoh as well as going swimming, to soft play or to the park.

Kyle will try most foods but does not like certain textures.  He is learning to use a spoon but is not yet able to drink from a regular cup.  His sleep pattern can be a little irregular and his foster carers are receiving advice on how to manage this.

Kyle attends nursery 3 mornings a week and is happy to go.  He plays well alongside the other children but his interaction is limited.  Kyle knows his colours, can count to 20 and knows his ABC’s.  He likes to sing songs and can say lots of individual words but is not yet constructing full sentences – he is receiving support from Speech & Language.

Kyle has a recent diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder and global developmental delay and his consultant advises that he attend a school for children with autism or additional needs in the future.

Kyle’s parents have a history of drug use and poor mental health which meant they were unable to provide a safe home environment for him.  He has remained in the same foster placement since being taken into care and settled well.  He has developed a positive relationship with them.

His foster carers say ‘Kyle has his own unique personality and is an energetic and happy little boy.  He is very lovable and will seek us out for affection or a cuddle.  Kyle wears his socks at all times, only takes them off for a bath and is very particular about which shoes he will wear to nursery.  Kyle has made good progress since coming into placement’

Kyle will need adopters who are accepting of the uncertainties surrounding his future development and can provide him with a loving and stable home environment.   As Kyle has been waiting for his forever family for such a long time, there is a very real risk that his plan for adoption could soon be changed to long term foster care. This would mean he would have to stay in care until he is 18 years old rather than having the family for life that he deserves.  

 Could you be the forever family that Kyle is waiting for?

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