Leah is a beautiful little girl with big blue eyes and fair hair.

Leah loves interaction from adults and children alike and loves to be sung to where she will reward you with her beaming smiles. Leah loves to watch the other children in the home playing and is starting to pay attention to her surroundings. She is a very happy and smiley toddler who her carer says has so much to offer.  Leah is a cuddly girl who loves a cwtch.  Leah can entertain herself for periods and can self sooth.  She likes to be put down to sleep awake and soothe herself to sleep with her blankie.  She then sleeps all night generally.  She is a good routine with her carers.

Leah likes to reach out for toys hanging over her and loves any toys with music and lights as well as sensory toys.  Leah has been assessed as having some developmental delay.

Leah has had a difficult start to her early life whereby she was born with several holes in the heart.  She had surgery to close the large hole which was successful and professionals hope the smaller ones will close themselves in due course as she grows.  Leah continues to be reviewed by Cardiology where they are currently pleased with her progress and took her off all of her medication.

Leah is very vocal, communicative and loves to babble.  She has input from Speech and Language.  Leah is crawling, she has physiotherapy and her carers have been given exercises to do at home.

Leah’s carer says that she has so much to offer and she would hope that prospective adopters would not be put off by her health as she is such an easy toddler to care for and is so loving and adorable.

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