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Once you have legally adopted your child/children all parental rights and responsibilities transfer to the adoptive parent/parents.

Many families feel at this stage that they want to get on with their lives and may not need support from the Society again, but adoption support may be required in line with the Adoption Support regulations.

All families presented to Adoption Panel will have had their adoption support needs assessed at the time of approval and also prior to the placement of a specific child/children. This will form the basis of any post placement support and would be reviewed in line with the Regulations, in recognition that over time these needs may well change.

The Local Authority that placed the child/children has a responsibility to support the placement for 3 years after the placement begins in line with the Adoption Support Regulations. After the three-year period has elapsed, then at any point in the future, adoptive families can approach the Local Authority in which they live and request an assessment of their Adoption Support Needs. This does not necessarily mean that Social Workers will still be visiting your home, but it does mean that families are entitled to have their support needs assessed. Sometimes the support may mean for example a referral for play therapy, or support in dealing with contact arrangements.

This society also has responsibilities in supporting adoptive families and we will always respond to requests for support in recognition that adoption is a lifetime commitment. The exact nature of this support will vary according to the needs of each child and family. However, families may want to keep in touch with the Society and other families who have adopted through the support groups we hold for families three times a year plus our very popular Christmas and Summer celebration events.

We also offer ongoing training to families to assist them in their ongoing learning and development about the needs of children who have been adopted. These training events can be extremely helpful once you are living with your child as your learning can directly correlate to your actual experiences of parenting.

For some children and families, the supports already available to all families within their own communities, may be all that is required.

Adoption UK also offers support, advice and training to families and you are entitled to one year’s free membership of Adoption UK once you have been matched with your child.

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