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Adding a child to your family is a big event. Adding a child through adoption is even more momentous, both for the child, for you as parents, and for your wider family and community of friends.

Through Adoption UK the Adopting Together offers a Buddy Scheme which is here to guide you through the changes and challenges involved. All Buddys are adoptive parents themselves and they have a unique insight to the experience of living with and parenting an adopted child.

Your Buddy will act as a listening ear for you and will provide the opportunity for you to talk to someone who can empathise with your situation. Buddys are independent of your agency and aim to be objective and non-judgemental. They will offer you reassurance and empowerment where possible.  You can simply have a chat with them whenever you need a sounding board or when you need someone to help you reflect and review what is happening in your family.

We hope that you will develop a meaningful relationship with your Buddy to help increase your confidence and reinforce your ability to be a secure base for your child or children. Buddys are recruited and supported by Adoption UK and are matched with you as part of the support process. They will also be able to direct you to services in the community or to support groups for adoptive families that will enhance your support.

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