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Prior to the Team for the Child meeting, as the Foster Carer you may be asked to provide notes you have kept on your experience of living with the child. You may also be asked to provide specific information on how you feel the child responds to parenting efforts. You may also be asked to complete a specific form or questionnaire outlining these experiences.

We would encourage you to provide as much detail as possible, including your family’s experiences of living with and caring for the child. This might include their likes or dislikes, what they enjoy doing, any rituals they have, or how you notice if they aren’t okay. These details should include any incidents or events that you think are important.

If you have other children or foster children, include their thoughts, stories and contributions. This is important as these can be passed on to the adoptive family. Not only can these be shared with the child, but they will also help provide some understanding of stories the child may choose to share.

Detailed information can have a long term impact on the wellbeing of the child. You may have been the carer for the child at crucial developmental phases and so the holder of the child’s history and experiences at that stage in their lives. Sharing this information can give the child a fuller sense of their history, and the adoptive parents an understanding of significant incidents in the child’s life.

The aim of gathering information prior to the Team for the Child meeting will be to gain a real sense of what the child is like, how they show enjoyment or distress, what they like, don’t like, how they have changed, and important moments.

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