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There are so many myths about who can adopt a child. Have a look below to learn more about who is eligible to adopt at St David’s!

I Am Single

We welcome applications from single adopters! You will receive the same training that all couples receive, preparing you to be the best parent you can be for a child who needs a family.

My Partner And I Are Not Married

Whether you are married, single, in a relationship, or in a civil partnership, we welcome your application.

I Am In A Same Sex Relationship

We accept adopters regardless of gender identity or sexuality. We have many wonderful LGBTQ+ adopters! Check out our Blog to hear some of their stories!

Am I Too Young to Adopt?

You must be over 21 to adopt a child. We treat every application for adopters aged 21 and over equally.

Am I Too Old to Adopt?

There is no upper age limit to adopt! As long as you are able to look after a child until they reach adulthood, we welcome your application. Many people want to adopt after their birth children have grown up, when their birth children are teenagers, or when they are older and feel more settled in the rest of their lives.

I have a Disability or Medical Condition

We welcome applications from people with disabilities or long term medical conditions. We treat every application individually, helping you in whatever what you need. Call or email us to ask any specific questions or find out more!

I Have Pets

We know that pets are a part of your family. We welcome applicants whose pets are family friendly, and we match you with children who are suitable.

I Have A Birth Child

We welcome adopters with birth children, old or young! Some of the children waiting for families need to be the youngest child in a household, so feel free to ask us any specific questions about your family.

I Am A Smoker

You must be at least 12 months smoke-free before applying to adopt. You can track this with your GP, or give us a call if you have any questions.

I Have A Criminal Record

Some criminal convictions will preclude you from adopting. If you have specific questions about whether this applies to you, please contact us to ask.

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