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We have recently been uploading some new videos on Facebook, Twitter and our YouTube Channel following the stories of three sets of adopters from the time they were first considering adoption to when they first met their children and the support they receive afterwards.  If you missed these videos, they can be seen on our YouTube Channel which can be found at:

St. David’s Children Society YouTube

The National Adoption Service has agreed to manage the Wales Adoption Register for Welsh Government.

Suzanne Griffiths the Director of Operations for the National Adoption Register said

“I am pleased to have been able to work with Welsh Government, and colleagues in the former BAAF Cymru, to ensure that the Register can continue to operate. Ensuring this will mean that children who need to be adopted are unaffected as well as providing a further opportunity to strengthen and develop the role the register plays in adoption services in Wales.

The Wales Adoption Register is just one of the ways that adoption services use to match children to adopters. The National Adoption Service would like to assure adopters and professionals who use the Wales Adoption Register that there will be no disruption to the service they receive.

The only change people who use the Register will experience is a different telephone number and e-mail contact. These are being publicised on the website, by partner agencies and letters have been sent to adopters and professionals.”

For further information contact the National Adoption Service for Wales:


Mae’r Gwasanaeth Mabwysiadu Cenedlaethol wedi cytuno i reoli’r Gofrestr Fabwysiadu Cymru ar gyfer Llywodraeth Cymru.

Dywedodd Suzanne Griffiths Cyfarwyddwr Gweithrediadau ar gyfer y Gwasanaeth Mabwysiadu Cenedlaethol

“Dwi’n falch o fod wedi gallu gweithio gyda Llywodraeth Cymru a chydweithwyr yn BAAF Cymru gynt i sicrhau bod Cofrestr Mabwysiadu Cymru yn gallu parhau i weithredu. Mae sicrhau parhad y gofrestr yn golygu nad effeithir ar blant sydd angen eu mabwysiadu a bod cyfle pellach i gryfhau a datblygu rôl y gofrestr ei chwarae yn gwasanaethau mabwysiadu yng Nghymru.

Mae’r Gofrestr Fabwysiadu Cymru yn un o’r ffyrdd y mae defnyddio gwasanaethau mabwysiadu i gyfateb plant i fabwysiadwyr. Byddai’r Gwasanaeth Mabwysiadu Cenedlaethol hoffem sicrhau fabwysiadwyr a gweithwyr proffesiynol sy’n defnyddio’r Gofrestr Fabwysiadu Cymru y fydd unrhyw darfu ar y gwasanaeth maent yn ei dderbyn.

Yr unig newid pobl sy’n defnyddio’r Gofrestr yn profi yn wahanol rhif ffôn a chyfeiriad e – bost cyswllt. Mae’r rhain yn cael eu cyhoeddi ar y wefan , gan asiantaethau partner a llythyrau wedi cael eu hanfon at fabwysiadwyr a gweithwyr proffesiynol.”

Am fwy o fanylion , cysylltwch â’r Gwasanaeth Mabwysiadu Cenedlaethol Cymru:

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