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St David’s 80/8 Challenge – celebrating 80 years of St David’s families.  

Join us in celebrating #StDavidsis80 and raise money for our Adoption Support.  

This year St David’s is marking its 80th year of creating and supporting families. To celebrate this milestone, we are inviting St David’s families to take part in the 80 / 8 challenge.  

For 8 days from 08th August 2022 we are inviting you to take on an 80 challenge over 8 days. It can be anything based on the number 80. So whether you decided to walk 80 steps, bake 80 cupcakes, or dance for 80 minutes, money you raise will help us to continue to offer our unique adoption support, making sure we are here for all our families whenever they need us.  


SIGN UP –https://bit.ly/39GQwaH 


Taking part is easy!  

  1. Choose your 80 challenge! It can be anything based on the number 80. You could decide to do 80 of something over 8 days, 80 of something and finish in 1 day, or even 80 of something each day for 8 days! It’s your choice to set yourself your challenge and decide how long it will take you.   
  1. Set up your fundraising page on Just Giving  
  1. Share your fundraising challenge and page with friends and family and encourage them to donate.  
  1. Share with us online using #StDavidsis80 and tag us @adoptionwales  

 Fundraising and Challenge Idea 

There are many options and ways you can get involved in St David’s 80/8 Challenge. Whether is a solo challenge or something with friends and family, it can be anything you like as long as it’s based on the number 80! And you’ve got 8 days to complete it starting from 8th August 2022. Challenge yourself to 

  • Do 80 squats  
  • Do a 80 meter sack race  
  • Hold an 80 minute danceathon  
  • Sing 80 songs  
  • Bake 80 cakes or biscuits  
  • Do 80 keepie-uppies.  
  • Do 80 hops or skips  
  • Do 80 laps of the garden 

Find more ideas by clicking here  

Whatever you do, and however you do it, make sure you have fun and stay safe. And don’t forget to raise money for St David’s adoption support.  

SIGN UP – https://bit.ly/39GQwaH 

How your fundraising helps St David’s families  

Your amazing donations and fundraising help us directly support over 45 families who may come back to us each year and ask for help. It also helps us to support the over 200 families who we invite to our support groups and family fun days, as well as training and workshops. Money raised from this campaign will go towards our support groups and family fun days.  


Pays for refreshments for a family attending a family fun day.   


Buys materials and resources used in Theraplay support.  


Funds a single counselling session for a parent.  


pays for 1.5-hour consultation with a clinical psychologist  


Can provide a package of support for a family in crisis.  



As we move towards longer days and hopefully sunnier weather, I wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter.

Although many of our family and friends are still being impacting by Covid, it does feel that we are slowly and gradually adapting to a new normal. Following recent advice from Welsh Government , the office at 28 Park Place is open to staff and visitors alike. For our families who have adopted and those going through the process of adoption , increasingly we are now meeting with you face to face.

We are having monthly outdoor adopter meet ups  with a number of successful meetings over the February half term and more recently in March. We have found that our speaker led  support groups worked well on line, and we’ll continue to offer this hybrid approach to support.  

For those interested in becoming parents through adoption, we would particularly like to hear from you if you are considering  adopting brothers and sisters so that  they can remain together, or children with more complex medical or other needs  where the chances of finding an adoptive family become harder in particular children up to and over the age of 5. We hold information sessions on line to hear more about the children who are waiting so please look out for information on our website or twitter or phone 02920 667007 or leave a message via our website www.adoptionwales.org . We would love to hear from you

This year is our 80th anniversary year and to mark the family community that makes up the entirety of St. David’s, from our families who have adopted right through to our staff and Trustees, we will be holding summer events for our St. David’s family in West and South Wales – details to follow shortly. I so look forward to seeing many of you then.

Adoption is immensely rewarding and joyous but it can bring its own challenges too. We pride ourselves on offering support whenever that is required – even if you just wanted a one off discussion over the phone so please don’t hesitate to contact us either via the phone number above or via our website.

Thankyou as ever for your support of St. David’s  – through listening to what is important to you we will endeavour to make our 80th anniversary year a very special one.


Introduction to Adoption Training

We appreciate that if you are thinking about adoption, there is a lot to consider which is why we run monthly introduction to adoption training sessions. The sessions last for two hours each and we ask that anyone who wishes to apply to adopt attends this session. In this session we cover:

  • Who are St. David’s
  • What is the adoption process
  • Who can adopt
  • What children need adopting
  • An adopter’s real experiences
  • What are the next steps

To find out about the dates of the courses. please make an enquiry and speak to our duty team who will be happy to advise. You can make an enquiry by calling us on 02920 667 007 or emailing info@stdavidscs.org

We are currently hosting the sessions virtually using Zoom.



As this year draws to a close, I just wanted , on behalf of us all at St. David’s to wish you a merry Christmas and very happy 2022. The past year has continued to challenge us in many ways and as we close the year we are now thinking about the impact of a new variant on ourselves and those we hold dear. However, there is still so much to be joyful about – We have continued to increase our family of approved adopters by 15 and have to date placed 26 children including 4 through our Adopting Together Service.

We were delighted to commence face to face meet ups with some of our families after many months just seeing faces over a screen – I think we all agree nothing quite replaces that face to face interaction. These  events were held outside and after talking to many of you we are already making plans about how we can extend our support groups to reach more of you so watch this space.

By popular consent a Christmas Party for children and their parents was held in late November. We secured a covid safe and very large space for this event and even Father Christmas appeared suitably distanced but very present for all the children. The look of joy on their faces was a memory to savour as we all retreat back into our small family bubbles.

We have also been delighted to welcome many new people making that first tentative enquiry about adoption. We are here to answer those initial important questions and if you proceed continue to be a responsible guide throughout the process and well beyond.

As we look to 2022 we have many plans that we will want to seek your views on. It is important for us as an Organisation who aspires to be the best that we can be to listen to and then shape our services from those who have experience of adoption. I therefore look forward to meeting many of you over the coming year.


Thankyou as ever for your support to the St.David’s family and warmest wishes over the festive season to you all




Wrth i’r flwyddyn hon ddod i ben, yr oeddwn am ar rhan pob un ohonom yn Dewi Sant, ddymuno Nadolig Llawen i chi a gyd a 2022 hapus iawn. Mae’r flwyddyn ddiwethaf wedi parhau i’n herio mewn sawl ffordd ac wrth i ni gau’r flwyddyn rydym bellach yn meddwl am effaith amrywiolyn newydd arnom ni ein hunain a’r rhai sydd yn annwyl i ni. Fodd bynnag, mae cymaint i fod yn llawen o hyd ynghylch – Rydym wedi parhau i gynyddu ein teulu o fabwysiadwyr cymeradwy gan 15 ac rydym hyd yma wedi lleoli 26 o blant gan gynnwys 4 drwy ein Gwasanaeth Mabwysiadu Gyda’n Gilydd.

Roeddem wrth ein bodd yn dechrau cwrdd wyneb yn wyneb â rhai o’n teuluoedd ar ôl misoedd o dim ond gweld wynebau dros sgrin – rwy’n credu yr ydym ni gyd yn cytuno bod dim yn disodli’r rhyngweithio wyneb yn wyneb hwnnw. Cynhaliwyd y digwyddiadau hyn y tu allan ac ar ôl siarad â llawer ohonoch rydym eisoes yn gwneud cynlluniau ynghylch sut y gallwn ymestyn ein grwpiau cymorth i gyrraedd mwy ohonoch felly gwyliwch y lle hwn.

Trwy ganiatâd poblogaidd cynhaliwyd Parti Nadolig i blant a’u rhieni ddiwedd mis Tachwedd. Cawsom le diogel a mawr iawn ar gyfer y digwyddiad hwn ac roedd hyd yn oed Siôn Corn yn ymddangos yn addas o bell ond yn bresennol iawn i’r holl blant. Roedd edrych ar lawenydd ar eu hwynebau yn atgof i’w sawru wrth i ni i gyd encilio’n ôl i’n swigod teuluol bach.

Rydym hefyd wedi bod yn falch iawn o groesawu llawer o bobl newydd sy’n gwneud yr ymholiad petrus cyntaf hwnnw am fabwysiadu. Rydym yma i ateb y cwestiynau pwysig cychwynnol hynny ac os ewch ymlaen i fod yn ganllaw cyfrifol drwy gydol y broses ac ymhell y tu hwnt.

Wrth i ni edrych i 2022 mae gennym lawer o gynlluniau y byddwn am ofyn am eich barn arnynt. Mae’n bwysig i ni fel Sefydliad sy’n anelu at fod y gorau y gallwn fod i wrando arno ac yna siapio ein gwasanaethau gan y rhai sydd â phrofiad o fabwysiadu. Felly, edrychaf ymlaen at gwrdd â llawer ohonoch dros y flwyddyn i ddod.

Diolch byth am eich cefnogaeth i deulu Dewi Sant a’ch dymuniadau cynhesaf dros dymor yr ŵyl i chi i gyd







Join the Big Adoption Conversation on Thursday 27th January 10.00am to 12.30pm 


Help shape the future priorities for adoption in Wales Register – www.adoptionvoices.wales


This free virtual event is for adoptive families, adopted people, social workers, representatives from the Welsh Government, senior managers, strategic planners and practitioners in the adoption community.


Using the latest survey results of Adoption UK’s Adoption Barometer report alongside other information we will begin to consider the priorities that will guide the work of the National Adoption Service (NAS) as it develops the emerging Adopt Cymru 2025* plan.


Please register for one of the following workshops,


  1. Teenage years and transitions to adulthood
  2. Education
  3. Contact with birth family
  4. Becoming an adoptive family


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with details for joining the event. www.adoptionvoices.wales


*The current service plan for NAS runs to the end of March 2022. NAS is therefore aiming to develop a plan for Welsh adoption services up to the end of 2025 – this will be known as Adopt Cymru 2025.


Ymunwch â’r Sgwrs Mabwysiadu Fawr ar Ddydd Iau 27eg o Ionawr 10.00yb i 12.30yp 


Helpu i lunio blaenoriaethau’r dyfodol ar gyfer mabwysiadu yng Nghymru Cofrestru – www.adoptionvoices.wales/?lang=cy


Mae’r rhith ddigwyddiad rhad ac am ddim hwn ar gyfer teuluoedd sy’n mabwysiadu, pobl wedi’u mabwysiadu, gweithwyr cymdeithasol, cynrychiolwyr o Lywodraeth Cymru, uwch reolwyr, cynllunwyr strategol ac ymarferwyr yn y gymuned fabwysiadu.


Gan ddefnyddio canlyniadau diweddaraf adroddiad Baromedr Mabwysiadu Adoption UK ochr yn ochr â gwybodaeth arall, byddwn yn dechrau ystyried y blaenoriaethau a fydd yn llywio gwaith y Gwasanaeth Mabwysiadu Cenedlaethol (GMC/NAS) wrth iddo ddatblygu cynllun Adopt Cymru 2025* sy’n dod i’r amlwg.


Cofrestrwch ar gyfer un o’r gweithdai sy’n dilyn,


  1. Blynyddoedd yr Arddegau a Phontio i fod yn Oedolyn
  2. Addysg
  3. Cyswllt â theulu biolegol
  4. Dod yn deulu mabwysiadol


Ar ôl cofrestru, byddwch yn cael ebost cadarnhau yn cynnwys gwybodaeth am ymuno â’r digwyddiad.


*Mae’r cynllun gwasanaeth presennol ar gyfer GMC yn rhedeg hyd at ddiwedd Mawrth 2022. Felly, nod GMC yw datblygu cynllun ar gyfer gwasanaethau mabwysiadu Cymru hyd at ddiwedd 2025 – gelwir hwn yn Adopt Cymru 2025.


A partnership which places children who wait the longest for adoption in Wales has won a top UK award for its societal impact.

The Adopting Together collaboration triumphed at Innovate UK’s annual Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Awards.

The KTP project brought together St David’s Children Society – an adoption specialist dedicated to finding families for vulnerable children across Wales – Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, and Cardiff Business School, supported by Welsh Government.

The KTP allowed St David’s Children’s Society to team with Cardiff’s academic expertise, translating research findings from the Wales Adoption Cohort Study into a practical methodology to facilitate the adoption of priority children.

By gathering expertise from clinical psychologists and therapeutic social workers, Adopting Together has improved the lives of many children by delivering early intervention, increased the placement of the number of children who wait for adoption and new commissioning models.

St David’s Society Chief Executive Wendy Keidan, Cardiff School of Psychology’s Professor Katherine Shelton, and KTP Associate Coralie Merchant jointly welcomed the award.

‘Everyone is simply delighted to receive recognition for what has been a truly collaborative enterprise working with the team and colleagues across the National Adoption Service and therapeutic partner from the get-go. Behind the hard work in creating a therapeutically informed Adopting Together service to meet the needs of adoptive families has been a shared vision of making a difference to children’s lives. We would like to also thank Welsh Government for their support in helping to make this vision a reality.”

First introduced in 2020, the Societal Impact award recognises the wider impacts of KTP, including projects who have delivered a societal, social, or environmental benefit.

Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said: “I’d like to congratulate St. David’s Children Society and Cardiff University on this superb achievement. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships offer real solutions to difficult problems for industry, and this award recognises their ability to help solve societal problems too by having a real world impact and genuinely improving people’s lives. In Wales industry and academia continue to collaborate so positively for the benefit of future generations and the Welsh Government will continue to support that.”

The UK’s knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) scheme helps organisations in the UK to innovate and grow. It does this by linking them with an academic or research organisation and a graduate.

A KTP enables an organisation to bring in new skills and academic thinking to deliver a specific, strategic innovation project through a knowledge-based partnership.

Cardiff University has an outstanding track record for developing award-winning KTPs.

Business Manager Paul Thomas said: “Huge congratulations to everyone involve in winning this award. We are delighted that Innovate UK have yet again recognised Cardiff’s ability to deliver exemplary partnerships that have huge value and lead to significant impact.”



Connected is the name of a bespoke service for adopted children age 7- 10, young people age 11 – 25 years old, and an 18-25 year old group.

The monthly groups aim to improve children and young peoples’ self-confidence, build self-esteem and reduce the sense of isolation which some adopted children experience and also develop life skills. This is achieved by offering a range of activities such as art, drama, circus skills, healthy eating/cooking and music sessions to name but a few.

Find out the full details here.

These monthly sessions are offered in limited areas at the moment (Carmarthen, Swansea and Cardiff, and soon to be in Brecon and south east Wales) however we hope over time more groups may be developed and become available across Wales.

Want to know more? If you are interested in our existing groups or would like to express interest in a group starting in your area, please complete the Enquiry Form on the link above and send to wales@adoptionuk.org.uk


The St. David’s Children Society Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Cardiff University has been given the highest possible grading of ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK.

Funded by Welsh Government, the KTP was a collaboration between St. David’s Children Society, Cardiff University School of Psychology and Cardiff Business School. Supported by the National Adoption Service Cymru the KTP purpose was to strengthen adoption services, with the Adopting Together Service growing from a need identified to find families for children who wait the longest and were most at risk of having their plans changed to long term fostering arrangements.

The KTP began in September 2017. Led by St. David’s, in partnership with Barnardo’s Cymru, Adoption UK and our therapeutic partner, The Family Place, the Adopting Together Service officially launched in June 2018. Since then the Service has continued to grow, placing over 14 children with permanent families. Under its unique model, children and their families have been offered psychologist-led and therapeutic support prior to, and within the first year of placement.

The ‘outstanding’ rating reflects the whole innovative approach undertaken by the KTP to establish the Service, inclusive of support from Cardiff Business School and School of Psychology. Through direct guidance from Dr Jane Lynch at Cardiff Business School, Adopting Together created a collaborative structure behind its delivery that represented transformational change in the procurement of social care, aligning with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

Led by Professor Katherine Shelton, Cardiff University School of Psychology is evaluating the impact of the service for children and their families. Dr Shelton stated that, “This multi-agency project has been transformative in its approach to supporting some of the most vulnerable children in our society. We are absolutely delighted to see recognition from Innovate UK of this work with the ‘outstanding’ grading”.

Wendy Keidan, CEO of St. David’s stated, “The KTP has acted as an enabler of collaboration using the expertise of academic, therapeutic, statutory and voluntary sector partners to find adoptive families for some of the most vulnerable children in Wales. We are grateful for the support of Welsh Government in facilitating this unique relationship which is now going from strength to strength and to Innovate UK for recognising this sector leading approach to social care.”

Suzanne Griffiths, Director of the National Adoption Service said “I am very pleased to see this recognition from Innovate UK.  It is testament to the uniquely collaborative approach that underpins this new and much needed service.”




This week (14th – 20th October) is National Adoption Week!

We are taking this week to celebrate our adopters and let you know how we can support you in your adoption journey!

Adoption Information Evening

Tuesday, 15th October
4 PM
St David’s Children Society (28 Park Place, Cardiff)

Have you been thinking about adoption but something is holding you back? Perhaps you think you’re not eligible to adopt, or you think it will be expensive? Are you unsure what an Adoption Agency actually does?

At our adoption evening we’ll answer all your questions about adoption. Come along and learn about St David’s as an organisation and how the adoption process looks, then ask us any questions of your own! If you like what you hear, you can even talk to us about how to start your adoption journey.

It’s not to be missed!

Follow along on social media!

We will be posting all week on social media, giving you information about the organisation, as well as being part of an exciting project with the National Adoption Service! Make sure you’re following us to keep up to date with us this National Adoption Week!

Twitter: @adoptionwales

Facebook: St David’s Children Society

Instagram: st.davids.children.society

Interested in adoption?

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