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There may be instances in Adopting Together where the Voluntary Adopting Agencies are not able to find a prospective adopter from those already approved. In this instance they will use child-centred recruitment to help find a family for the child.

If this process is agreed with the Local Authority, as the foster carer you will be contacted to ask for your support during this process. You may be asked to participate in the following activities;

  • Attend a recruitment consultation meeting to discuss the needs of the child and the type of family that would best meet those needs.
  • Be interviewed and filmed for a digital profile for each child.
  • Attend profiling events to talk to prospective adopters about the child.
  • Talk with the child to help prepare them for being filmed for their digital profile.

Children’s digital profiles will only be used for internal information sharing with potential adopters where confidentiality has been obtained.

A child’s anonymised profile may be shared on the Adopting Together website and through social media with the agreement of the Local Authority.

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