How Do I Adopt? -

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So you think you want to adopt — what now?

The first step is to contact us! 

You can do this three ways:

(1) Send us an email! Email or use our contact form and we will be in touch.

(2) Call us on 02920 667007! You will speak to a social worker straight away who can answer any questions or help you start the adoption process!

(3) Come into the office! We have Drop-In hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm – 2pm — all year round! No appointment, just stop by our office at 28 Park Place in Cardiff, and a social worker will sit and chat with you about adoption.


What will happen after I contact you?

Initial Visit

If you want to proceed, you will fill out an initial form with your contact details, and a social worker will make a plan to come out to visit you. This relaxed visit will help us get to know you and allow you to ask any more detailed or personal questions that you may have.

Preparation Training

As long as everything looks good, you'll be invited to attend our Preparation Training. This 3-day training gives you everything you need to know to start the adoption process, from understanding a child who has been in care through to how to create the best family environment. It will allow you to see the reality of adoption and prepare you for the steps ahead.

Application Form

After attending Preparation Training, you will be given an Application Form to fill out. This longer form asks for more information about you, your relationship, and your history. This is also where we will complete references and any other relevant checks. You can choose to fill this out straight away or take some time to think.

Your Social Worker

By this stage you will be matched with your personal social worker. They will come out to visit you at home multiple times, be available in the office to chat with you, and will be able to answer all your questions as the process continues. They will see you through to the panel, matching, and placement of your child.

Adoption Panel

When your social worker feels you are ready, they will nominate you to our Adoption Panel. This is a roughly one-hour meeting where our group of external panel members ask you more about yourselves and why you want to adopt, to decide whether you are ready for adoption. Your social worker will prepare you thoroughly for this and you should feel comfortable attending the panel.


If you are approved at panel, that's it! You are ready to be matched! Your social worker will help you in finding suitable matches that suit both yours and the child's needs. They will work with the child's social worker and foster carer to begin the matching and transitions process.

Interested in adoption?

We would be delighted to hear from you: contact us

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Our friendly team of representatives are on hand to answer any questions you have.

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