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Before You Adopt

If you are approved at the Adoption Panel, you will have your adoption support needs assessed. When you match with a child/children, your needs will also be re-assessed to find the specific support needs for your growing family.

Once You Adopt

When you legally adopt your child/children, all parental rights and responsibilities are transferred to you as the adoptive parent/s. While you have the same responsibility as any parent has for their child, we know that you need support to help you transition to parental life. That’s why, at St David’s, we are here to support you not just before you adopt, but for many years after, too.

We hold multiple free workshops to help you in the process of adopting, dealing with such topics as “Talking to Children About Adoption” and “Family and Friends”, supporting you in all the ways that you might need as you start the adoption process. Some families find these workshops helpful when they’ve first been matched, and some find them helpful years down the line as a refresher, but whatever the need, we want to help you in the best way possible.

Post-Adoption Support

Some adopters need more support, coming to us with concerns that come up at a certain stage in their child’s life, or changes they didn’t foresee when they first adopted. If you find yourself in this situation, you can call or email us and talk to a social worker about what’s going on. Maybe you just need to talk to someone who understands you, or to ask questions about something you’re not sure about, or maybe you feel like you need additional support through therapy, or educational needs for your child. Whatever your concern, you can chat to us about it and our social worker will decide on the best plan of action with you.

Adoption UK

Adoption UK is a charity run by and for adopters that offers support and training for families who have adopted. You are entitled to one year’s free membership once you’re matched with your child. After that, you can remain a member for as long as you want, using any of their services and resources available.

Using Adoption UK can be a really valuable addition to the support we give you at St David’s. You can meet other adopters and see that you’re not alone in this journey. Check out their website to see all the services they offer.

Summer and Winter Celebrations

Our families are just that to us — family. We want to celebrate you and what you mean to us. Every summer and winter, we invite all our adopters to a celebration hosted by St David’s. You can meet other adopters, chat about your experiences, catch up with our social workers, and just enjoy a day out with the kids! Our celebrations have food, entertainment, games, and all you have to bring is yourselves!

Adopting Together Service

Our Adopting Together Service, in partnership with Barnardo’s UK and the Local Authorities across Wales, provides added support for you and your family. When you adopt through Adopting Together, you work with a psychologist to understand the experiences of the child you match with and to help them adjust to such a big change. You receive therapeutic sessions with a psychiatrist for a year after your child is placed with you, so you feel fully prepared as you move forward into the journey of parenting. Read more about Adopting Together and whether it’s right for you here.



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