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The model used in Adopting Together has been created using the knowledge and expertise of the Voluntary Adoption Agencies. They have worked collaboratively and in full consultation with the Regional Collaboratives to ensure the model will meet the needs of children and those working in the services who have responsibility for the child.

The model could not have been developed without the full support of The Family Place, which provided valuable clinical and psychological insight into effective transitions and ongoing support which provides a foundation to the model.

The components that make up the model are as follows

  1. Specific recruitment and assessment of adopters by St. David’s Children Society and Barnardo’s including child specific recruitment in partnership with Local Authority and Regional  family finding teams
  2. Team for Child meetings pre formal matching which brings together a wealth of information from those who know the child best. Led by a clinical psychologist and coordinated by the project manager. A psychological formulation will be prepared about the child and the parenting tasks required across the transitions and beyond.
  3. Transition sessions through therapeutic structured play pre and post move to adoptive family
  4. Three Psychology Consultation meetings post-placement led by a clinical psychologist to enable adopters to revisit information received at the Team for the Child meeting or pre-approval training and develop ongoing parenting strategies as necessary. Difficulties are anticipated and normalised.

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