The Referral Process -

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Children must be referred to the Adopting Together project by the Regional Collaborative which is currently family finding for them. The child should be identified as at risk of waiting the longest to find a family and the Regional Collaborativemust have gained permission from the Local Authority in which the child is Looked After before sending a referral.

In order for a referral to be accepted, it is important that the right information is shared with the Voluntary Adoption Agency. This is to ensure the agency has the necessary information to build a picture of the child and identify the right family.

The information shared includes the following available documents;

  • Children’s Adoption Report
  • Children’s Profile
  • Adoption Support Plan
  • Schedule of Growing Skills / Ruth Griffiths Assessment
  • Educational Psychologist’s Report
  • Medical Records or any relevant medical documentation
  • Sibling Assessments
  • Any other relevant documents i.e. living with the child information from the foster carer.

These must have been updated in the last six months and submitted with a completed referral form and submitted to the Project Manager at the Lead Voluntary Adoption Agency, St David’s Children Society by the Regional Collaborative.

Once a referral has been received and approved, there are two possible referral pathways.

  1. A potential adopter is identified internally from current adopters being assessed within the VAAs – Click here 
  2. No potential adopter is identified and child-centred recruitment is planned and initiated – Click here 

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