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Following the Team for the Child Meeting and after a match has been agreed at panel, the Adopting Together transition work will begin.


A play-based approach will be used to support the transition process. The design of this approach is grounded in Theraplay, Dyadic Development Psychotherapy and narrative work. Therapeutic play sessions will be offered with the child and foster carers to begin with, and during official introductions the adopter will then be invited to join. Following placement, the adopters continue to attend these sessions with the child. The transition worker will remain the same throughout the process to ensure continuity. These sessions have been established to ensure that, during transition, someone stays alongside the child. This will enable them to explore and gain a sense of what is happening, how their experiences fit together and how they can use their attachment figure as a source of comfort and reassurance.

Follow up consultation meetings

Once the child has moved in with the adoptive parents, three follow-up clinical psychology consultation meetings will take place for the adopter. These will be attended by relevant professionals and would normally include the post-adoption social worker, the child care social worker and any other key adults. These consultations typically last around two hours, with a focus on any issues the adoptive parent is facing and areas in which they may benefit from further support. These meetings will be an important opportunity for the adoptive parent to discuss and normalise issues in a supportive, understanding environment and to develop parenting strategies. The meeting may be followed by an Adoption Support Review meeting, but should not be used in place of these meetings. They are two distinct meetings and need to remain separate so that the first can allow time to explore the adoptive parent’s experiences and needs. This meeting can inform recommendations which can be discussed in the Adoption Support Review meeting.

Ongoing Support

The three follow-up clinical psychology consultation meetings will be held throughout the first year following placement. Adoption support may remain ongoing through the VAA.

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