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ART COMPETITION: Didn’t everyone do well!!

A massive thank you to parents and children alike for helping to make our first art competition such an amazing success. We had no idea there was so much talent out there!!! There were some fantastic pictures, all exhibited and framed , and everyone was a winner. We had Spring flowers, Lambs frolicking, children playing and lots of action shots too. The children used all sorts of mediums, some pictures were painted, others were in pencil and crayons, and some used all three plus glitter, scraps of material and wax. ALL of our entries had a well -earned prize and our Judges had to work equally hard choosing the winner for the magnificent prize of tickets for Dogs don’t do Ballet! Many, many thanks, to all who helped make this such a marvellous event, and especially the children, parents and Judges … Rhian Kooy, Deborah Thomas and Craig Yates .

Author: Dan Warner 31.01.2014

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