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Adopting a child is a big decision but an exciting and fulfilling one. Before you contact us, it is best for both partners to discuss your expectations together. As you begin the application process, we will need to know that both partners are ready and making this decision together. Throughout the process, you will need to have conversations about all areas of your life, from your parenting styles, to your financials and career plans, to how you plan to involve your extended family, and much more.

If you are a couple with a child already, whether a birth child, a previously adopted child, or a child from a previous relationship, you will need to involve the child in the process and help them understand the coming journey. While you may have children already, parenting every child is unique, and the more preparation you can do to help you in this journey, the better.

Check out what the adoption process looks like here, or read some of our adopter stories.

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