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The term used in adoption for a child moving to a new home is called transition, and Adopting Together supports this process.

Moving in to a new home for a child can be a difficult experience and they can display a range of behaviours during this time. It can be additionally difficult if a child has been waiting a long time for their new home. They may have lived with their foster carer for a number of years and formed a close relationship with them, or could have moved foster homes a number of times. The safe and careful move from a foster family to a new family is very important.   Adopting Together offers an enhanced package of support to help the child understand the move.

The Team for the Child meeting will enable a discussion on the appropriate steps and processes needed to support the child moving to their new home.

Adopting Together offers a transitions approach focused on play-based sessions delivered by a trained professional. These sessions are underpinned by therapeutic thinking and aim to allow the child to explore their own story, using repeated play to explore the moving process.

Before introductions take place, these sessions will start with the foster carer and child. Then, during introductions, as the adopter you will be invited to join the sessions with the foster carer. Following placement, you will be offered a series of sessions with you and the child.

These sessions support the child to refer back to their main carer figure (initially the foster carer and then the adopter) during the process of moving. Adult involvement in these play-based sessions will enable the adult to understand and interpret the emotions for the child, rather than the child having to manage their emotions alone.

The sessions will run across the time of the child moving to contain and manage the emotions and intensity of getting to know new people. The rituals and patterns of the activities in these sessions can provide predictability and a source of safety for the child as they build new relationships.

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