What happens once my child is living with me? -

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Your child moves in – this is a huge milestone and we are still here to support you.

Over the first 12 months following placement we will arrange three meetings, led by a clinical psychologist. These meetings will be smaller than the Team for the Child meeting, and you as the adopter will be invited to attend alongside your social worker, child care social worker and any additional adults – with your agreement.

 The purpose of these follow-up meetings will be to focus on issues around   parenting your child, allowing important information to be shared in a safe and   supportive environment, where difficulties will have been anticipated and   recognised as a normal part of parenting your child.

Information that was shared in the Team for the Child meeting can be raised   as you begin to understand more through living with your child. These   meetings will offer you as the adopter understanding and reassurance.They   will also enable you to explore any additional interventions that will best   support you and your family as you grow together.

As your child settles into your family, it is important to continue building their understanding of their own experiences and history. This can be achieved through developing their life journey book, or providing narratives to their day-to-day experiences and behaviours. It might also mean ongoing contact with the child’s foster carer. Your parenting role will involve helping your child to have a sense of what has happened and what is happening, to provide continuity over time.

We are here to support you as you navigate your way through this.

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