What is a Team for the Child meeting? -

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The Team for the Child meeting is a unique part of the Adopting Together package of support. It is a specialist meeting led by a clinical psychologist and co-facilitated by the Adopting Together project manager. The potential adopter is invited to attend this meeting alongside all relevant professionals who work directly with, and know the child well, including the child’s foster carers.

Who attends the Team for the Child meetings?

Core members include; Prospective adopters, Foster carers, Clinical Psychologist, Project Manager for Adopting Together, Social worker for the child, Social worker from St David’s Children Society who is supporting the adopters, Regional adoption social worker who is family finding for the child. Additional members (agreed invitation) include; Teacher/nursery nurse, Health visitor, Support worker, Previous foster carer / foster carers of siblings if separated.

What is the purpose of the Team for the Child meeting?

The meeting explores and identifies the needs of both the child and potential adopter. Discussions in the meeting will explore the following: What is the child’s experience from their early history? How do these early experiences affect relationship-building (attachment) and the ways they behave? What vulnerabilities and behaviours does the child present? What might this mean in terms of parenting and seeking further support? The aim is to provide a thoughtful discussion which brings together all known information about the child. The meeting will enable prospective adopters to better understand the way in which the child needs to be parented, and the kinds of challenges which might arise. The aim is for everyone, including the adopter, to gain a clear picture of the child and identify the right support at the outset to help ensure the best possible outcomes. Following the meeting, a plan will be put in place which will support the transition of the child to the adopters’ home and beyond. It will also identify the training and support needs of the adopter, to help prepare for meeting the unique needs of the child.

As an adopter, what support do I get during this process?

Throughout this process you will be supported by your social worker from St David’s Children Society, who will attend the Team for the Child meeting with you. The clinical psychologist and project manager will be in touch to speak with you prior to the meeting and they will meet with you before the meeting to talk through what to expect. You will be invited to meet the foster carers prior to the meeting

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